Quark Lab: Crypto Drainer & Windows/MacOS Stealer


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Crypto Drainer & Stealer


World famous

Drains ~300 wallets
Supports 70 networks
25 Token output methods
11 NFT output methods
Invite to private community (70+ members)

For MacOS

Data from most popular browsers
60+ wallets, including the most popular ones
SystemInfo (Full system information)
MacOS Password + Keychain (all user passwords)
Hides the console when running software
Beautiful DMG installer
Logs to telegram (log + notification)

For Windows

Data from 106 browsers
Data from 107 wallets
Any FileGrabber extensions
Environment variables
Windows Credential Manager and Windows Vault
Browser history, bookmarks, autocomplete fields
Data from 27 password managers
Telegram, Steam, Discord, Google tokens

70+ members in private chat
$60k+ average member earning

Features lists are too long. Check our products here:
Quark Lab Website | Info | Purchase | Telegram Channel

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We have been working with them for a long time
Can work without an escrow
Will always help and give advice
A man of his word, الله أكبر


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So, two months have passed, and the project's income has increased exponentially. It's developing and improving all the time. To be involved in such a high-profile project in this industry is a real privilege. The project admin is a very talented man with a wide range of skills and expertise. He's a true genius when it comes to understanding the depth of the industry. There are lots of highly skilled and intelligent people on the project, and it's clear that they're all working towards the same goal. Yes, the project is so automated and well thought out that my templates just broke. I couldn't believe it! I've not even seen anything like it.
If you want to work with real professionals and develop not only financially, but also as a person, this project is definitely worth your attention! Thanks, maybe in half a year I'll come back, if I can get internet from my yacht.:D


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Upon purchase of drainer, you will receive:

Quark Drainer (backend, frontend, smart contract)
Comprehensive installation and setup instructions for a seamless start
Exclusive access to our proprietary Quark+ software for enhanced performance with traffic
Invitation to join our exclusive closed community of over 70+ users
Author's manuals, cases and articles outlining strategies to maximize drainer and traffic utilization
Dedicated technical support to address any questions or issues that may arise
Ongoing development and rapid integration of the latest features and fixes



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Bitcoin rocketed above $69,000 following Bloomberg's announcement that the chance of ETF approval for Ethereum has risen to 75%.
All crypto is flying upwards after bitcoin.

You do realise that more and more hamsters are getting into the market....



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Hello, new networks have been added:

- ⛎ Linea - native (erc20)

- 📜 Scroll - native (erc20)

- Ⓜ️ Mode - native (erc20)

- 🦉 Gnosis - native (erc20)

- 🔺 Aurora - native (erc20)

- 🌙 Moonbeam- native (erc20)

- 🌙 Moonriver - native (erc20)

- 🧨 Fuse - native (erc20)

- ⛓️ Fraxtal - native (erc20)


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While someone is resting, we are working and releasing a mini update to Quark Stealer 2.6.1, which only affects the build and does not require reinstalling the panel!

Changes in the build:
-Cleaned stub to stable values.
-Added new browser crypto wallets to the build: Bitget, Rainbow, Zerion, BearBy, Shell Wallet
-Fixed the collection of browser cryptocurrency 5ire Wallet
-Fixed a bug that could cause Steam token to be collected incorrectly


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